Minimalist Men’s Wallets - How to Choose

Minimalist Men’s Wallets - How to Choose

When the time comes to choose your next wallet, think minimalist. Minimalist men’s wallets are gaining in popularity in 2020 for a bunch of reasons... just as minimalism in general has attracted a whole new crowd of followers. The Marie Kondo method took the world by storm last year because people are increasingly wanting less and less “stuff,” and clutte. 

But why would a man want a smaller, thinner, less bulky wallet?

Each man may have his own reasons for wanting to downsize his wallet, but a few of the top reasons include:

  • Less bulky for their pocket
  • Wanting to wear the wallet in their front pocket
  • Safer having less cards and pieces of information

Whether the reason is safety or comfort, having a slim, neatly organized wallet is something most men will agree is necessary. A slim wallet doesn’t necessarily signify how many compartments your wallet has. But if you really wanted to reduce the bulk in your wallet, aim for one that has under 6 slots for cards. A 6 slot minimalist men’s wallet would allow you to keep your drivers license, debit card, 2 credit cards, health insurance card, and one other item. That is really all anyone should need unless it’s a special trip somewhere. 

What about my store cards, business cards, rewards cards, etc.?

There may come a time when you need a card that is not always in your wallet. But if you have only 5 card slots to work with, you may not have enough room for them all. Then what? Get the app and use your phone.

Most large stores that have rewards cards have an app that allows you to put the card on your phone. This way you don’t need to weigh down your minimalist wallet or keychain with one more item. Take advantage of that and get the app and ditch the card. 

Another way to reduce the amount of cards you are carrying around is to use apps like Apple Pay. If you have an iPhone you can load your cards onto Apple Pay and use this to pay in store. According to Apple’s website, if you see either of the symbols below, you can use your app to pay in the store, shop, or restaurant. 

Android users have an option as well. It’s through Google Play and it’s called Google Pay. Simply add your cards to your account and use it in-store or online to make purchases. Google Pay also lets you keep track of your loyalty cards so you can keep those organized and in one place. 

Choosing a wallet that's best for you...

Minimalist men's wallets are not all created equal. That goes for the design, material, and the quality of the wallet. For example, there are bifold, trifold, and for those who really want to protect themselves RFID wallets as well. Choosing the right one for you will really depend on your taste and needs. Here are a few of our favorites of each category:

Bifold Slim Wallets

This bifold slim wallet is perfect because it has only 3 credit card slots and then the ID holder as well. 

Trifold Slim Wallets

For a trifold wallet you would be surprised just how slim this truly is. 6 slots for credit cards and a flip ID holder as well.

RFID Wallet

Protect your identity and reduce the bulk with this minimalist RFID wallet. 

Reduce the amount of clutter in your life and pocket by switching from a traditional, chunky wallet and replace it with a slim minimalist men's wallet. You will be surprised at how much you can improve your life making small changes here and there to remove unwanted and unneeded clutter. If excess stuff is weighing you down, make the choice to carry less. It's safer, slimmer, and smarter. 

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